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Upon leaving BDC, most students fall into one of the three following categories.

Option 1 – Further training 

Should students feel they would like to pursue further training, BDC help students research and audition for courses that suit their future career ambitions. Past students have been successful in gaining places at leading performing arts institutes both nationally and internationally, with students currently training at Urdang Academy, Laine Theatre Arts, Guildford School of Acting, Doreen Bird Theatre College, London Studio Centre, and Millennium to name a few.

Option 2 – Employment

It is possible that upon graduation some students do not wish to continue training and feel ready to take on the professional world.  Students will have the opportunity to leave BDC with a show reel, (highlighting and showcasing their personal talents), an up to date CV, and possibly an agent.  This enables them to secure auditions and employment that suits their own personal ambition.  Past students are currently working across America and Europe in the fields of acting, and dance.

Option 3 – Higher and further education

Following their training at BDC, it is possible that students decide that they may prefer a career behind the lights as opposed to in front of them. Should this be the case, BDC help students through this transition, looking together with a member of staff at possible courses on offer – aiding students through the whole process from application to interview.

It is important to BDC that students are helped and still directed following their graduation, as they take their first steps in the industry.  With a close connection to leading talent agency, Shh! Talent, students are given the opportunity to meet with the agents, who keep a close eye on progress throughout training and, if appropriate, may choose to represent students post BDC. Shh! Talent currently represents some of today’s leading musical theatre and acting artists.